Customs clearance

     Customs clearance is a necessary element of any international shipment. MARUSSIA LOGISTIC provides consultations on customs clearance of goods from China, whose main purpose is to minimize Your costs.


A full range of services for customs clearance of the goods from China:

• Selection of appropriate HS code
• Determining the minimum cost of customs clearance of goods, calculation and payment of fees
• Advice on permissive documents

Documents for customs clearance include shipping documents (bill of lading, packing list, invoice, certificate of origin) and purely customs (CCD, CSD, etc.). The cost of customs clearance depends on the complexity of the cargo, the number of required permits, certificates and the number of positions in the party.

The procedure of customs clearance of goods determined by the customs code of the Russian Federation. Customs legislation starts from the moment of receipt of the goods into the customs territory of the Russian Federation. Administrative and criminal liability for false Declaration of goods from the moment of the assignment on the customs Declaration as filed in the registration Department of the customs. The rules of customs clearance of goods set out in numerous instructions, many of which have DSP, so referring to the customs authority at your own risk not knowing the practice of customs operations, you risk permanently stuck in the design Department, but this is a significant daily costs.


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